Life beyond your eczema.

Stop covering up and uncover potential for relief and comfort. Care Access supports multiple eczema (atopic dermatitis) clinical research studies. Find out the best potential research participation option for you.

Why should you to join an eczema research study?

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There is currently no cure for eczema, and rashes often will not clear up if left untreated.

11 days

Adults with eczema take, on average, 11 days off work per year due to their condition.

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Through research, treatments are being evaluated to see what provides the best relief of eczema symptoms.

Hear from others who have participated in clinical research.

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“People have to step up and be part of the solution. It’s nothing to be afraid of.”


Clinical Trial Participant

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“I wholeheartedly hope other people will step up and do it, so they have enough people to fully carry this through.”


Clinical Trial Participant

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“I think that people should try to help other islanders by getting this study going, and I think you should do it.”


Clinical Trial Participant

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“We need people to participate in studies to be able to get these things out there and get them approved.”


Clinical Trial Participant

Testimonials provided by trial participants are personal experiences and do not necessarily represent the views of the trial sponsor or Care Access. They are not a substitute for medical advice, and the results of the trial may vary based on individual circumstances. Always consult with your healthcare provider before making any medical decisions.

Take back your power! Get started now to help find ways to feel better in your own skin.

By participating, you may:

  • Receive eczema-related treatment at no cost
  • Receive financial compensation for time and travel
  • Help improve eczema symptom management for future generations
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